• Pack of 12 recycled TaylorMade Penta golf balls rescued from lakes and woods in some of the top golf courses
  • 4-piece multi-layer construction combines exceptional performance with great feel
  • Advanced neodymium compound core delivers faster ball speed and increased distance
  • Feel Mantle creates a softer feel and enhanced spin control, while a distance an elastomeric Distance Mantle boosts COR and velocity to enhance speed and distance

    Top quality branded golf balls, rescued from lakes and woods in some of the best golf courses and hand selected so that you can enjoy excellent performance at a fraction of the price. This pack of recycled TaylorMade TP Red golf balls are great for practice on or off the course. Many recycled golf balls have experienced very little use before being lost, allowing you to experience near new quality but with prices that remove the pain if you lost a ball yourself.

    The TaylorMade Penta feature a softer core - High COR for speed and low compression to ease driver-spin for maximum distance Inner Mantle - Resilient-yet-supple composition boosts speed yet feels soft Middle Mantle - Works with inner layers to build speed and outer layers to manage spin Outer Mantle - Works with middle mantle to maximize speed and with soft cover for high greenside spin Cover - Cast thermoset urethane delivers soft feel and high greenside spin

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