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Molten BG3000 Basketball, Indoor/Outdoor, Synthetic Leather, Size 7, Orange/Ivory, Suitable For Boys age 14 & Adult

Feel the Grip, Control your Game
Molten is dedicated to providing top of the line basketballs for FIBA, and the global basketball community. By combining innovative technology and superior craftsmanship, Molten continues to create products worthy of play by the world’s most elite basketball stars.

It's THE ball for the emerging player who's falling in love with the game and wants to develop skills no-one can handle.

Perfect training ball
Made from high-quality rubber, this basketball is ideal for training on both indoor and outdoor courts, including concrete and hardwood surfaces. With a nylon-wound butyl bladder, a tough outer surface, the durability of this ball makes it perfect for practicing dribbling, passing, and shooting. Performs on courts, both indoors and out.

Exceptional grip
The pebbled surface on the ball allows it to stick to your hand, giving you that bit of extra grip when you need it. The 12 panel Giugiaro design allows more seams for additional fingertip control, perfect for free throws.

Does not come inflated - Check out our pumps HERE

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