The Wellputt Start Mat was developed to provide an answer to all golfers who wish to improve their putting skills. The speed of the Wellputt Start has been developed by our engineers to match most of green speeds. If you are new to the sport, this putting mat is made for you. It will help you improve your putting skills. This mat takes all the basics of putting instruction in a playful way and allows you to improve in the alignment and speed control of a putt.

More than 50 training exercise and instructions available via Wellputt app.
When putting on the Wellputt Start the aim of the exercise is to finish in the Good Zone or the Wellputt Zone.
The ball must roll through the hole and finish in the zone.

Length : 10 ft/3m
Width : 1.148ft/0.35m
Stimp meter speed : 10 ft
Weight : 3.373 lbs/1.53kg

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