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Opening a Club Shop

Open an Online Club Shop with Kit-Room

Imagine a place where your club members can directly purchase their sports gear and teamwear, tailored specifically to your club's colours and emblem. Sounds perfect, right? That's precisely what our Online Club Shop service offers.

Benefits of opening an Online Club Shop with Kit-Room:

  1. Convenience: Members can purchase their gear at any time and have it delivered directly to their doorstep.

  2. Uniformity: Ensures all your team's gear matches, creating a professional and unified look.

  3. No Inventory Hassles: As we handle all the inventory management, there's no need for you to hold stock or worry about unsold items.

  4. Time & Money Saving: Say goodbye to the stress of bulk ordering. Your members order individually, saving you time and administrative headaches.

Here's how to set up your Online Club Shop:

  1. Consultation: Email us at info@kit-room.co.uk with your club's details and requirements.

  2. Design Approval: We'll create a design based on your club's colours and emblem. You'll have the chance to approve all designs before they go live.

  3. Shop Creation: We'll create a dedicated section on our website for your club's shop.

  4. Launch: Once you approve, we'll launch your club shop. We'll provide you with a unique URL to share with your members.

Interested in launching your Online Club Shop? Click the button below to get started.