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How to Choose the Correct Basketball - KitRoom

How to Choose the Correct Basketball

When it comes to choosing the correct basketball for any player, there are two main considerations; the ball size and the playing surface the basketball will be used on.

Ball Size

Size 7: Official Basketballs

Official size 7 basketballs have a standard weight of 22oz and measure 29.5" in circumference. This size of basketball is used by most men's professional associations and basketball leagues. 

Size 6: Intermediate Basketballs

Intermediate size 6 basketballs have a standard weight of 20oz and measure 28.5" in circumference. The slightly smaller ball is ideal for players with smaller hand spans. A popular ball size used for most women's professional leagues and associations. Recommended for youth players aged 12 and up.

Size 5: Youth Basketballs

The size 5 ball is used for youth players aged 8-11 and has a general weight of between 14-16oz and a circumference of between 27.75"-27.75".

Size 4: Kids Basketballs

The kids size 4 basketball is ideal for kids aged 4-8. The light-weight ball weighting in at only 14oz and a smaller circumference for 25.5", make this balls a perfect fit for young hands.

Size 3: Mini Basketballs

The smallest size 3 basketball comes in at a mini 10oz weight and measures 22" in circumference. Perfect for the youngest of players or the ideal gift for the basketball fan in the house.



It's not just the size of ball you need to consider when purchasing your new basketball, where you are playing will have a factor too. All basketballs are constructed in many different ways, however the biggest factor when making your decision will be ball material.

Basketballs are made from 3 main materials; leather, composite/synthetic and rubber.


100% leather balls are the softest of the 3 materials and are used in the indoor professional game. These balls get softer over time and are generally the most expensive in any range.


The composite/synthetic balls are made from a leather like material which in most occasions reduces the overall cost. They are a more robust basketball and can be used on both indoor and outdoor courts.


The more rugged rubber basketballs are the outdoor street basketball specialist. Made from a tough and durable material they offer great grip and bounce, even in the wettest of conditions. A great companion of the beginner player.