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What Size Are Football Goal Posts?

What Size Are Football Goal Posts?

Football goal posts come in all shapes and sizes today. Depending on the game format you are using, you’ll want to make sure you select the right size to fit your team’s needs.


5v5 Football Goals

If you are setting your team up to play 5v5 matches, we recommend going for a 12' x 4' for your senior team. 12' x 6' goals are often used by younger players, such as your under 7’s and under 8’s. These goals can be placed on astro turf, grass, or indoor pitches and are ideal for use all year round when training with your team.


57v7 Football Goals

7-a-side football is popular in mini-soccer leagues and can be used by players across a wide range of ages. You’ll find that the most popular option is the 12' x 6' goal, which is often used by under 9’s and 10’s for matches and training sessions as per the FA guidelines. This size of goal can also be used by senior players on artificial pitches for 7v7 matches.


9v9 Football Goals

9v9 football is often associated with under 11’s and under 12’s, and the FA recommend these players use a 16' x 7' goal. You can use these goals on artificial pitches, and you’ll find this to be a very sturdy product for your youth or junior games. Even when you are selecting a larger goal, you’ll find this to be a lightweight and portable option that you can use in all weather conditions. The full locking system ensures you and your players are safe when using these goals for training sessions or matches.


Training Goals for Younger Players

If you are just looking for a goal for training in your garden or with your youngest players, you’ll find our 5' x 4' goal and 8' x 4' goal to be a good option. These could also be used for 5v5 matches with smaller children and are ideal for any keen players who want to set up a football pitch with limited space in their garden.


Futsal Goals

Futsal matches demand a different type of goal, which is 3m x 2m in size. This is the regulation size goal for futsal matches but can also be used as a smaller football goal in gardens or fields with limited space. You’ll find the goal has a locking system that ensures it’s safe and secure for players of all ages. The goal can be put up and down in just minutes, so it is ideal for use in multipurpose school sports halls.


11v11 Goals

For adult football matches, it’s recommended you use a 24’ x 8’ goal. However, we understand that for training, many facilities don’t have the space for this type of goal. By choosing one of the larger goals in our collection, you’ll find an option that’s suitable for your team’s training sessions this year.


Selecting the right goal size for the age group you are training with can help to give them the best experience during your football training sessions. All of our goals are made of the highest quality materials and are ideal for use all year round regardless of the weather conditions you are playing in.