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What Type of Football Should I Buy?

What Type of Football Should I Buy?

One of the questions our team is regularly asked is, what type of football should I buy for my club? With so many options available to teams today, it’s an understandable question. Here we’re going to look at the most popular soccer balls to help you decide which ones would be most suitable for your training sessions.


Training Balls

Training balls are known for their durability and are ideal for daily or regular use. You can use these footballs all the time without having to worry about them getting scuffed up or damaged. A good set of training balls will see you through multiple months or years of training, and they are designed to improve your team’s confidence and skill set. Most training balls are created for use in all weather conditions, and you’ll also find them available in a range of sizes to suit your players’ needs.


Match Balls

When it comes to playing matches, you’ll want to bring out your match balls for this special occasion. These balls are built to offer players good control and accuracy, but you won’t want to use them every day, or they won’t last too long. As with training soccer balls, you’ll find these available in a selection of sizes and designs to suit your requirements. Try to select a coloured ball that matches your team colours for a little more professionalism this year.


Indoor Balls

If you train indoors during the winter months or all year round, you’ll want to invest in a separate set of indoor balls that are designed specifically for this use. This type of football is ideal for use in schools or sports halls. They can be used on any form of indoor surface, including laminated surfaces. You won’t have to worry about damaging the floor you are playing on when you invest in indoor soccer balls, and they can be used for both matches and training sessions.


Futsal Balls

For anyone that’s not familiar with futsal, it’s a type of football game that’s played on a hard court that is a little smaller than a typical football pitch. This game is mostly played indoors and has some similarities to five-a-side football. For this game, you’ll want to purchase futsal balls, which are designed with the hard court in mind. A futsal ball is a low-bounce ball that’s a little smaller in size than regular soccer balls. They can be used to develop your football skills and offer good precision for players.


After investing in a set of footballs for your team, make sure you also buy a ball sack to help you carry the soccer balls to and from training with ease. Most clubs opt to buy a selection of these balls listed above to fit their training needs throughout the year. Our site offers footballs for players of all ages and all formats of matches, so you can be sure you’ll find something to suit your needs this year.